Directory Submission

A web directory can be likened to a reference library.  The BB Opensource Directory  is a web directory which aims to provide useful Internet resources. The BB Opensource directory is arranged in categories, making it simple for users to find what they are searching for.

We care a great about the quality of the sites we allow to be listed in the BB Opensource directory. We are highly selective and don’t accept all sites, so if you submit a site and it is rejected, do not take it personally. Before submitting a site, please read through the submission guidelines.

Business Directory Submission Guidelines

Before submitting a site, make sure it does not violate the following guidelines:

  • Do not submit sites that redirect to another URL
  • Please wait 7 days before contacting us regarding your submission. While we try to review sites within 48 hours, due to the sheer number of submissions we receive, delays may occur
  • Do not suggest a site that mirrors another with identical content
  • Make sure the site you suggest is not already listed in the directory before submitting
  • Do not suggest sites that relate to illegal content such as extreme pornography, fraud or violence.
  • Do not submit a site that is “Under Construction”