A Rich Dad, Money, and Education

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I read a book a few years ago that impacted my life in such a way, that I sometimes wish I had never read it. The book was called, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. It is a story about a young mans relationship with two dads. One dad was a college graduate who had multiple degrees and a long stable career and died broke. The other dad didn’t even finish the 8th grade and left his family millions when he passed away. One dad said that too much money was a bad thing, and the other dad said that the lack of money was bad. Which do you believe?

Now I am owner of www.rapyalluxurytravel.co.uk, but I personally, have been on both sides of the fence and can say that having money is much better than not having money. I think money is perfectly ok if it is earned legally. The rich dad in the story made the claims as to, “why would anyone want to make money illegally, when it is so easy to make money legally”. The other dad thought of money as a necessity and that education was the key to getting there. I have recently learned that you have a 75% better chance of becoming wealthy by not going to college. Look at some of the top income earners of our day – Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, and American Idol Sensation Simon Cowell who didn’t even finish High School. I’m not saying that education is a bad thing, I actually went back to school later in life and earned a degree in business administration. I think education is the one thing that people cannot take away from you. But just because you don’t go to college, doesn’t mean that you cannot be a huge success. Some people just simply struggle with education, but would make great entrepreneurs or leaders.

I recommend that everyone, if they haven’t already done so read, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. This book will give you a whole different perspective on earning money. It will probably offend many of you, as we have all been raised in a society that puts a greater importance on education than it does on independence. If your going to go to work for somebody and earn a good living a college degree is a must. But if you want to make it huge, and be your own boss, and become wealthy in your life, than your life education is probably going to be more important than having a degree. I still have my degree somewhere in my room, buried among my paperwork. I haven’t even seen my High School Diploma, in at least 15 years, I think it is buried at my moms house somewhere. I think the only thing I got out of college, was I learned I didn’t want to be an employee and I get a $91 bill every month on a student loan I took out.