Do I Need a Lawyer to Make a UK Will?

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From the moment you stepped into the working world, you begin building your life for you and your family. You strive to provide for your family as best as you can. You eventually buy a house, maybe even two. You invest in savings accounts and retirements funds. You acquire a wide variety of personal belongings.

When you die, these possessions including your house and funds are what is known as your estate. When you are no longer around ugly family fights may ensure over your estate. But, through the use of a Will, you can ensure that all the items in your estate are shared according to how you would have liked them to be shared.

It is strongly recommended that everyone has a Will. The importance of a Will increases should you have children, or you own a property. By putting a Will in place you can be sure that everything you left behind is handed over to the rightful person.

Brent Murray from says if you should die without a Will, your estate will be divided up according to the Rules of Intestacy. This means that items will go to pre-determined individuals who may not be those you intended to inherit your precious belongings. Very often this process is also not tax-friendly, which could leave your family with a large financial debt.

How to make a Will

Your first step in making a Will is to make a list of everything you own. This list should include a house, jewelry, cars and more. Next, you need to make a list of all those you would like to be your beneficiaries. Then, you need to allocate possession to people. Always keep in mind of what will happen if a beneficiary should die before you. While drawing up your Will make sure you know who will care for your children. Decide on who should be the executor of your will after you die. Also, jot down any other last wishes you might have such as whether you prefer a cremation or a burial.

It is important to note, however, that without a help of a lawyer, you could make mistakes on your Will. Even just a simple lack of clarity could easily mean that your Will is classified as invalid. It is equally important for you to make sure that you have a Lawyer’s help should your finances be complicated.

Once you have a Will, it is vital that you ensure it is regularly read through to make sure that it still accurately reflects your wishes. You will need to change your Will should you get divorced or even married. If you have children and wish to include them in your Will or even if you have other relatives you wish to include in your Will this can include nephews or nieces or even grandchildren. Equally as important is to include the acquisition of new cars and other expensive assets.